How to Open a Man Sexuallly

Male sexuality has not been understood in its full spectrum. Often oversimplified when placed in comparison to female sexuality which is vast and mysterious however it’s about time that we should pay attention

Your Energy starts making love to you

Its is not my experience that I am an Energy Being because if I can witness my own energy moving, flowing, stuck, or bubbling then I am the one who is noticing this, and I a

Poems are made by fools like me

Poems are made by fools like me,

But only God can make a tree;

And only God who makes the tree

Also makes the fools like me.

The Dance of Polarities

I am on the path of embracing and then learning from this constant movement of yin and yang energies that forms my connection to my friends, lovers, neighbors, landlord, communities, students, fellow travelers, and most intimate one…with myself.

Gift of Male Sexuality

The moment you are ready to let go of voices many grandmothers have placed in your head; you start to see the gifts healthy male sexuality can bring.

Strength of Masculine Vulnerability

I have felt it, seen it, escaped it at times, sacred of it many times, and love it. I can talk about it endlessly however by just the sheer effort to expressing it

The moment sleep comes..

Last night before sleeping, I was feeling this beautiful aloneness laying in my bed. How nature has made sure that we get in touch with this alone space even if someone sleeping with you.

Teaching Of Dead Leaves

I’m surrounded by this mysterious bunch of trees. Tall high in the sky, wind is blowing and dry leaves are falling slowly, gently, effortlessly. it’s reminding me the most beautiful way to let go.

Jealousy and its Cure

Jealousy is one of the most primordial emotion that we experience as human beings because it starts from our early childhood. So it’s very deep rooted in our physique. when we grow up and we want to observe or get rid of jealousy

The child and his neediness

I’m walking down the street, getting ready for a meditation, observing feelings and sensations in my body. I notice that there is a need to be held, embraced and touched.