The Dance of Polarities

The Dance of Polarities is happening moment by moment within ourselves as well as outside when we relate to another.

I am on the path of embracing and then learning from this constant movement of yin and yang energies that forms my connection to my friends, lovers, neighbors, landlord, communities, students, fellow travelers, and most intimate one…with myself.

I have discovered that often I am identified with one energy as my primary energy and another one is just laying as dormant or given least attention to. I have known that I am identified with Masculinity as my primary source because it provided me with food, shelter, sex, and money. On the other hand, my feminine energy is supportive energy that I am able to feel when I am feeling safe, relaxed, and loved.

So when someone tells me “You are too feminine”, it depends on how I am feeling at that moment, not on that person. If I am feeling relaxed, loved, and safe, I would take it as a compliment and if I am on survival mode, I would react and get triggered because my Mind would assume that as a threat to my survival.

So for me, it doesn’t matter who is saying that and with what intension. I would immediately look inside and see how do I take it. If it feels like a punch in the gut then I am sure that I am on a survival mode and I need to make sure that my masculine energy doesn’t feel threatened by the feminine energy which means… I am too relaxed, feeling safe and loved and I need to move my masculine energy and provide what I need to feel safe.

I would like to ask you to look into your own connection to Yin and Yang within yourself and become more aware when you start operating from which energy… This would make you aware of the conditioned programs that are associated with each of these energies. One of the most important steps is to decondition our masculine and feminine energy from any identification that is given by others. This sounds to be a very arduous process but trust me it’s a joyful ride. This way we are free from another shaping our connection to masculine and feminine.

As I have experienced, I have 4 energies inside of me. The masculine, feminine, Inner Child, and Buddha within. I keep moving between these 4 dimensions continuously and this shapes my reality with others. When my feminine meets with someone masculine, they perceive me as too feminine compared to them. I know it and I become aware of it. If I want to shift my relationship with that person then I can consciously increase my masculine energy when I relate to that particular person and it shifts my connection to them.

Therefore it’s all in my awareness as I am the Master of all these 4 energies and I shape my reality with others… they can do the same if they can play this beautiful game with me. That’s when the interaction, the relationship becomes an amazing dance of polarities…

Isn’t it Great?