Strength of Masculine Vulnerability

I have felt it, seen it, escaped it at times, sacred of it many times, and love it. I can talk about it endlessly however by just the sheer effort to expressing it makes me feel vulnerable because I am exposing an intimate part of me to a group of a human being who might not know me but my soul is ready to strip off this persona that is covering it to shine through…..


As a man, we are all vulnerable and that makes us beautiful. If I can fully understand the strength of it, I would make peace with it and embrace it fully. So keep on reading…


It’s a scientific fact that babies open their eyes in the womb when they are 16 weeks old. Now visualize a baby boy coming out the womb looking at the whole passage that he is passing through. Its dark, unknown, and painful because he is being pulled out without his willingness. When he brings his head out and looks at his mother’s Yoni (Vagina in Sanskrit). This sacred space Yoni becomes his first visual imprint.


When he becomes a man…this Yoni is pulling him, Inviting him, seducing him. This call is mysterious because it’s nonverbal… it’s through electromagnetics. Men are very vulnerable in their sexuality, if a Yoni calls him closer…its almost impossible for a man to resist it. He gets pulled towards her just like he was pulled out of it once without his conscious wish.


Men know that if he makes love to this sacred space with full passion and fire, he will disappear into it, It feels almost like death if he is fully present. Can you imagine how scary it is? You are putting your body part inside that sacred space from which you are born. it’s as if you are putting your finger inside a hole that is full of unknown creatures.


Therefore no matter how much a man loves his woman, he is scared of going closer to her, no matter how much he would like to be slow in sex but just the fear of disappearing makes him run fast, No matter how long he would like to keep his lingam inside, he is forced to do it and bring it out…


This makes a man feels very vulnerable in his sexuality. So when a man realizes and feels this vulnerability he starts to meditate upon this. Meditation simply means allowing this fear of death to be there and making love to a woman as if you are ready to make love to Death itself. The more you remain present during the lovemaking with a woman…more a man realizes that going inside of Yoni is like Coming Back Home. Then he can relax, then he can rest and be still. The moment this happens to a man that during lovemaking, he is relaxed, restful, and still…..this vulnerability becomes his STRENGTH