Teaching Of Dead Leaves

I’m surrounded by this mysterious bunch of trees. Tall high in the sky, wind is blowing and dry leaves are falling slowly, gently, effortlessly. it’s reminding me the most beautiful way to let go.
These dead leaves will never be in the same form once it touches the ground. The sun light and soil will change its form. Its a death in a way but how happy it is when it’s actually falling down. It has not resistances. Its just surrendering to the course of nature. Even its dancing when it’s coming down.
It knows that it is eternal. Its gonna just change the form from dead leaves to soil and from soil to fertiliser. It will be drank by the same tree again and it will manifest into new sprout in new leaves, a new flower.
I take this teaching deep in my heart so to find joy of dying and dying dancing, singing rejoicing as if I am going to get new clothes.