The moment sleep comes..

Last night before sleeping, I was feeling this beautiful aloneness laying in my bed. How nature has made sure that we get in touch with this alone space even if someone sleeping with you. The moment sleep comes, we are alone from everyone around us and the same thing happens when a child is born. He comes alone in this world from a mysterious place and also in death. No matter how much we are loved, how much we are starving for love, we will go alone from this world. This reminded me that sleep, death, and birth are portals of aloneness. This means aloneness must be so precious, so close to us, maybe it’s my nature and if aloneness is my nature then what makes us feel afraid of it? because many times I have observed myself and people around trying to talk or checking mobile phones or sending messages just to avoid aloneness. 

Why are we so afraid of being alone? What is it that needs to kill it the moment it starts to grow deeper? 

The first reason is that our mind is full of thoughts and it drives us crazy. So easy escape is to talk to someone in real or virtual so as not to look at this crazy Mind. 

This mechanism gives birth to many Kind of relationships and friendships which are in its very seed based on avoidance of our own nature. relationships that are based on this avoidance of our own MInd can not bring Love, Peace, and happiness. 

So it is so important for anyone who is looking for a relationship (any kind) in their life to start learning to meditate. meditation is the only key to be with our crazy MInd and once we are ok with our thoughts and emotions, you can see a miracle happening. The mind becomes quieter and quieter. There are fewer thoughts and you are feeling at ease with it.

This is the right space to relate to another. Now you can move in any relationship and you will feel blissful.