How to Open a Man Sexuallly

That’s right. You are reading it correctly. You might be laughing at it by saying “what is there to open in a man? All he needs is an erection and he is ready to have sex. This is true however its only the tip of an iceberg.

Male sexuality has not been understood in its full spectrum. Often oversimplified when placed in comparison to female sexuality which is vast and mysterious however it’s about time that we should pay attention to fully understand male sexuality in the context of healing and spirituality of it. Let’s dig in… One of the most important needs of a man is to be honored and respected when he is sexually aroused. He himself is far away from it as scars of the shadow side of male sexuality from the past doesn’t allow him to fully embody it in the present moment. While he needs to do healing around it however it would be a blessing if his partner who is in bed with him can help him by honoring his lingam (penis in Sanskrit). Just by holding it in your hand with reverence and love would do miracles. Caressing, holding, meditating with it are some of the ways his sexuality will open up slowly which is far from what has been shown in pornography.

Once his lingam is honored, energy will slowly open up and starts to move. At this time, a woman can help by spreading this energy which is located at the genital down towards the legs and up towards the solar plexus. This will help him feel his emotions because men hold a lot of emotions in and around the solar plexus. You can further help him by massaging his solar plexus. And remember, solar plexus can take a lot of pressure so you can really go deep. Now he is able to connect his sexuality to his emotions. This is where the second layer of his sexuality opens up. If he feels safe with you, he can be very soft and vulnerable and at times strong emotions such as anger and rage can come up. If you continue to support this opening, you will experience a meeting with him that is beyond all words.

When you feel that he has reached a melting space within himself then you can open his energy further by spreading his energy through touch from the solar plexus to his throat. You can softly massage his neck at the back and front. Soft gentle loving squeeze and massage will allow energy to reach to his throat. He might have some sound arising that he has no idea from where it is coming but the more he feels relax and safe with you more he will allow himself to be open. He can have a throat orgasm here if energy has really reached there. He might look into your eyes with wonder and appreciation for this healing that you are supporting or he might have some wounds coming up, no matter what I happening…if you are there with your loving presence, he will be opening his treasures that have never been allowed to come into the sunlight and be healed. At this moment you will know how a sexually open man looks like. Can you imagine how he would look?