Jealousy and its Cure

Jealousy is one of the most primordial emotion that we experience as human beings because it starts from our early childhood. So it’s very deep rooted in our physique. when we grow up and we want to observe or get rid of jealousy it’s not so easy because we have to see the whole mechanism how it functions. You might have observed when your relationship breaks-up and you start seeing that your boyfriend/girlfriend is flowing nicely even after the break up and you still have so much pain of that separation and that makes you very angry. It is because of the jealousy.

So what we can do about it is, there’s nothing you can do directly about jealousy. The only thing you can do is, ask yourself a question, ‘what would be the most joyful thing I can do right now?’ And listen to your body and mind whatever it says to you without condemnation start doing that thing. Maybe the answer is I want to go for an ice-cream or I want to go for a swim or I want to dance or I want to talk to another man/woman, whatever it is move towards that and you’ll slowly see that your whole energy has shifted and jealousy has turned into a flowing creative act. So following your joy is the only solution and only way to deal with the jealousy.

The moment the jealousy arises, instead of getting to know more about object or your jealousy and spying on someone, shift your focus on asking yourself “What will I enjoy the most at this moment?” and follow your joy and the jealousy starts disappearing like a smoke in no time.