Gift of Male Sexuality

The moment you are ready to let go of voices many grandmothers have placed in your head; you start to see the gifts healthy male sexuality can bring.

When a man is attracted to you sexually and he is showing it to you, that’s where it all starts. This is his first gift that he is taking courage to face his biggest fear to be rejected sexually. Feel his courage and take it in. You don’t have to make a move or decision for or against his but just to feel it will allow you to face the fear of your own Wild Sexual Women. She is there and longing to express her sexual power to bless this world. When you allow her to come out…she blesses men by showing how Wild Women can be ferocious but still connected with Love. This awakens his wild man who is afraid of violence. so and so forth….

This is a dance that open when men and women are ready to face their own sexuality with presence and love