The child and his neediness

I’m walking down the street, getting ready for a meditation, observing feelings and sensations in my body. I notice that there is a need to be held, embraced and touched. I dived inside this feeling to find out what kind of energies that I’d be joyful to be embraced by. Immediately the answer is (if I allow myself without a prejudice) I want to be held by my mother. It is very interesting that no matter how deep I love myself, still there is a part of me which is still waiting & craving to be loved by my mother. OK so here I am not enough to give myself what I need. What should I do? I’m taking a deep breath, accepting and embracing this need and, the moment I realise, accept this fully, there is relaxation, the contraction that I was feeling is starting to go away and an openness is coming.

Now I’m taking this child and his neediness into my meditation. I’m doing a silent witnessing meditation. In this meditation, I remained with this neediness of being held and loved by my mother. I could see that there is this energy inside of me which is black, velvety, warm and soothing is coming and enveloping this part which is craving for love of mother. I felt so amazing that I have this inner mother inside of me.

When I opened my eyes after the meditation, I was fully centred, present and in love with myself. This is a good way to be with this need without denying, condemning or without going outside looking for someone to give me what I need we can fulfil our need. We have all these resources inside of us. We just have to tune in. isn’t it great?