Awakened Leadership Training for Men

Discover Anahata´s most advanced teaching for men.

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This is an exclusive 1 year program for those men who have been to Awakened Masculinity Training and wish to advance and go deeper. Swami Anahata will pass his most treasured content and he will also invite several co-teachers, best European experts in their fields – such as breathwork, shibari, Haka and much more.

The program will take place exclusively in Czechia – Buchov meditation centre – 1 hour outside of Prague – and it includes:

Three 5-days retreats – always Wednesday to Sunday,
2 online meetings in between retreats to preserve continuity,
1 one-to-one private session with Anahata for each participant,
several homeworks in between retreats to deepen the work.

The dates of retreats are:
23. – 27. 4. 2025
30. 7. – 3. 8. 2025
5. – 9. 11. 2025

(arrival always on Wednesday afternoon, ending Sunday afternoon)


"We are born leaders and we have to acquire leadership skills."

This training is designed to equip you with skills and experiences that empower you to lead your life, friends, family and job from inner authorities that can be felt in your eyes, energy and Auric field. This training will support you to stay relaxed as a leader in a highly skilled male environment.


"When a true leader appears everyone accepts his authority without any argument or negotiation."

Some of the topics:
– ways to bring focus and attention wherever we want in our life
– bring out the best in others
handle confrontation in a conscious way
– empower others even if you disagree
– shibari & BDSM – dominate consciously and surrender joyfully
– initiation for you and how to initiate others through 5 elements
– leading without exhaustion
– keep your mind and heart open under difficult circumstances
– learn to control
– haka
– how to channel energy within myself and outside
– presence
– firewalking
– air & water
sexual Taoist practices
– how to draw healthy boundaries, especially with women
– breath
initiation to men through women

These skills will equip you to lead the people in psychology, emotions, sexuality and spirituality. After this training (if taken seriously) you will become a leader in these areas. No matter if you are a businessman, if you inspire people spiritually, want to take proper care of your family or profoundly research the power of sexuality, you will utilize all these skills.

To sustain these qualities, it requires a lot of healing, honesty and an open heart. And that we will do during this amazing 1 year, in a single group and with the deepest focus to our goal – achieving Awakened Leadership Mastery.



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