Awakened Masculinity
Worldwide Trainings

After a huge success of Awakened Masculinity Training, Anahata received invitation from all over Europe and Asia to bring this powerful workshop to their homeland so he has created a retreat of this training.

Watch video invitation to the event from Swami Anahata


Awakened Masculinity Training

Awakened Masculinity Training is an invitation to men who are feeling a deep need to understand, trust and function from healthy masculine energy in relationship, family and work life. There is almost no education or support available within our family system and society that can allow men to express their vitality and sensitivity. On top of that, lack of healthy role models leaves all men with confusion and isolation.

Awakening of men has never been so important as it is in today’s world. More and more, men are starting to feel that there is a shift in the entire collective of manhood. This is the time when we, as men, can come together and release the old paradigm of fear, shame and guilt around masculinity and discover our true empowerment. This three-part training is about men supporting men in being powerful, sensitive, authentic and expansive so that we can share our deepest gifts with other men, women and the world. Coming to this training is a choice to reclaim your individual manhood, to stand in the light of your own awareness as a man among other men, as brothers.

Awakened Masculinity Training - Czech Republic

With Swami Anahata

Awakened Masculinity Weekend - Belgium

With Swami Anahata

Awakend Masculinity Training - Poland

With Swami Anahata

Swami Anahata leading Kashmiri Tantra Massage workshop

Kashmiri Tantra Massage Professional Training - Czech Republic

October 21st to 27th, 2024

Kashmiri Tantra Massage - Austria

Stay tuned for details of the upcoming 2024 event! 

What we will learn together

-One Tantra Massage (giving & receiving) each day.

-Tools to draw clear and playful boundaries while giving and receiving touch.

-Tantric meditation to open up your Kundalini and Chakra system.

-Body based exercises to bring flexibility so you can sit on the floor and give massage.

-Releasing tension and stress from your hands so your hands becomes pure light.

-Latihan to learn to surrender to the flow of energy.

-Tandava massage techniques to bring full body flow in massage.

-Body bliss ritual to honor and love your own body.

-Learning to shift your energy between masculine and feminine.

-Strengthening your container to give and receive pleasure.

-Awakening of your senses through tantric meditations.

-Full body energy flow through emotional release and breathwork.

Some of the topics

– Understanding Masculine Energy principal

– Activating sexual energy through ancient sports from India.

– Healing unhealthy imprint received in early childhood through phychosomatic exercises.

– Awakening the wild men through initiation and meditation from Ancient India

– Rites of passage to turning from Boyhood to Manhood
– Practices to understand male hormones to shift our sexuality and relating

– Release of repressed emotions from the past

– Tao tantric meditation for multi orgasmic energy flow

Osho Meditation to open up kundalini and chakra system

Communication tools for love and relating

And much more…

Impressions from the last training