Tantric Transmission Training

Tantra From the Source

Are you ready to delve into a spiritual path that’s often misunderstood in modern times which has led seekers to not have any interest in one of the most profound spiritual paths.
This program is not just another course; our Tantric Transmission Training offers you this unique opportunity to a deep dive into the true essence of Tantra . Once understood in its pure essence, Tantra can bring nourishment to the starving modern human soul.

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Your Invitation to Authentic Learning

We warmly invite you to join us in this authentic exploration of Tantra. Our training comprises 3 meticulously crafted modules, each guiding you through the fundamental & advanced aspects of this ancient wisdom. This comprehensive program beautifully integrates Ayurveda, Yoga and Tantra, creating a harmonious trinity for your spiritual & personal growth.

A Journey with a Master

Your guide on this journey is Swami Anahata, a master with 22 years of immersive experience in Tantra, learning & living in various ashrams across India and teaching over 7,000 students worldwide. His wisdom & experience are the pillars of this training.

What the Training Offers:

– Three immersive, live residential workshops.

Engaging homework to deepen your practice at home.
– Monthly online guidance sessions.
– Personalized one-to-one coaching for 90 minutes upon completion.
–  A certificate of participation, marking your journey.

Who is this training for?

This program is ideal for those seeking to experience Tantra in its authentic form. It's crafted for individuals ready to embrace each practice thoughtfully and thoroughly. Join us in this transformative journey and experience the profound depths of Tantra in its purest form.

Who might not find this suitable?

This training might not be suitable for those seeking casual connections or sexual experiences, unable to commit to home practice, or not in a state of physical or mental wellness for such an intensive program.

Your daily schedule: A Balance of Learning and Reflection

Our training days are thoughtfully structured, balancing intensive learning with personal time for reflection and nourishment.

Each module begins at 17.00 on the 1st day and ends at 16.00 on the last day

07.30 – 09.00 – Morning Sadhana activation – yoga and tantra kriya
09.00 – 10.30 – Breakfast
10.00 – 13.30 – Workshop session with break in between
13.30 – 15.30 – Lunch and rest
15.30 – 18.30 – Workshop session with breaks
18.30 – 20.00 – Dinner
20.00 – 21.30 – Last session

Kashmiri Tantra Massage - Belgium

27 – 29 October 2023

With Swami Anahata

Some of the benefits of this training

– Meditation techniques, postures, mudras and focus methods.

– Understanding Prana, Kundalini & energy bodies.

– Practical insights into Chakras and their daily life impact.

– Techniques for cleansing & harmonizing Chakras.

– Creating & understanding ritual spaces and Yantras.


– Breathing techniques and prana movements.

– Special insights into couples’ tantric paths.

– The significance of sacred objects and their placement.

– Exploring the dynamics of male & female energies.

– Deep insights into the three marriages: of body, heart and soul.

– Exploration of sexual energy and its dynamics.

This training comprises of the following modules

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Module 1

Prana, Kundalini and Energy
Structured meditation and exercises will teach you how to move your energy and prana within your own body first and with the partner thereafter. You will also learn to stay grounded when desires are steered. We will be using sutra from the Vijana Bhirava Tantra.

Module 2

7 Chakras and union of Polarities
In this module you will learn and experience 7 energy centres of Tantra called Chakras in Sanskrit. This module will not only provide you information but also include an embodied experience of each chakra so you can taste its quality.

Module 3

Sacred Sexuality
In this module we will enter into the sacred sexuality tantra. You will be guided to awaken, move and transmute sexual energy to all energy centres so that you can master the art of sacred sexuality.

Tantric Transmission Training - Poland


First Module: 25 - 28 April, 2024
Second Module: 10 - 13 October, 2024
Third Module: To be announced

Tantric Transmission Training - Belgium


First Module: 03 - 05 May, 2024
Second Module: 01 - 03 November, 2024
Third Module: First half of 2025

Kashmiri Tantra Massage - Austria

Stay tuned for details of the upcoming 2024 event! 

What we will learn together

-One Tantra Massage (giving & receiving) each day.

-Tools to draw clear and playful boundaries while giving and receiving touch.

-Tantric meditation to open up your Kundalini and Chakra system.

-Body based exercises to bring flexibility so you can sit on the floor and give massage.

-Releasing tension and stress from your hands so your hands becomes pure light.

-Latihan to learn to surrender to the flow of energy.

-Tandava massage techniques to bring full body flow in massage.

-Body bliss ritual to honor and love your own body.

-Learning to shift your energy between masculine and feminine.

-Strengthening your container to give and receive pleasure.

-Awakening of your senses through tantric meditations.

-Full body energy flow through emotional release and breathwork.

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