Terms and Conditions

a. In case of cancelling the order 60 or fewer days before the realization of the event you commit to pay the contractual penalty equal to the amount of the deposit paid. In case it is not in your interest to pay the contractual penalty you can send a person to replace you.

b. In the event of nonobservance of the agreed rules, inappropriate behavior in the retreat or in the seminar premises, the instructor has the right to ask the participant to leave the retreat.

c. From the time of the beginning, during the event and after the end of the event the claim for the course fee to be paid back as well as food and accommodation fees is waived.

d. If you request an invoice to be issued please inform us by email at least one week before the seminar starts and provide use with your invoice data.

e. Seminar is not a substitute for any medical or psychotherapeutic care. If the participant is currently undergoing any kind of treatment (especially psychiatric or psychological), they undertake to inform the instructor about this fact and the nature of difficulties before starting the seminar.

f. The participant undertakes to inform the lecturer about possible health complications (posttraumatic conditions, long-term illnesses, epilepsy, asthma, pregnancy, etc.)

g. The participant confirms that they do not use psychopharmacos and have no serious infectious disease or sexually transmitted disease

h. Participation in the seminar is voluntary. The participant holds the full responsibility for themselves and for everything they do throughout the entire program.

i. The lecturer’s instructions are only suggestions by which the participant is guided at their discretion.

j. The participant notes that they may be subjected to physical, psychological or emotional stress during the seminar.

k. At the retreat, we will detoxify the body using a special diet. The diet will be gluten-free, vegan and sugar-free. During the seminar we will also not drink coffee, black tea, alcohol.