Are you feeling stuck in your working life?

Yesterday I met a friend who has left her job, apartment, friends and country to discover her life purpose…

I have been meeting so many people who are either on this journey or about to take this step. I can totally relate to this longing to make a change in their working life that is aligned to their joyful heart. I have been there once.

When I started sharing my experience about how I made a shift from a corporate job that used to suck my energy to teaching Tantra that brings flow, joy, freedom and money, her eye started shining and wide opened…

So here are few nuggets from my life experience:

1. Start becoming aware of the fact that its too painful to stay in the same working life. This will fuel your journey towards a change. And if its not too painful then stay in there as long as it becomes unbearable

2. When you know from your body, mind, heart and soul that you have to find something that resonate with you on all these level then sit in meditation and imagine that you are the King/Queen of this universe (without this, your unworthiness would stop you from your soul calling). From this space, ask yourself “What would be that one thing that if I am doing, I would jump out of bed and would not mind not eating, sleeping or meeting anyone and still I would have lot of energy to do it?” Once you find it then see if there is anything that you need to learn as a skill to fulfil that. This would give you direction towards trainings, teachers or study.

3. Once you know what that new working life look like and you have the skillset to do it then start packing the old job. Complete whatever you need to do to complete all old ties. 

4. Remember, once you leave the old work (whatever it is), you would need to spend minimum 5 years (I have discussed this with many people who have done this shift in their life) before you can start making good money by doing what your heart feels joyful doing. So plan your finances in a way that you could go on without having a substantial money to keep you going without freaking out or getting back to the old job. 

5. Even if you plan it in most perfect way still it will not workout the way you would plan it. its for sure…so take this as crystallisation process. You would have doubts, uncertainty, fears etc… but if you keep following your call, this very process would be the biggest training to prepare you for the new to arrive…

6.Having loving friends around you is your biggest source when you are making this shift so stay connected and share your vulnerability openly. Many things become clearer when you can share it with someone who loves you.

At the end I would like to say that its worth risking everything to follow your soul calling then building a safe castle in which you feel like prisoner