These 2 Elements are Responsible for your Spiritual Awakening

When I look back into the past few years of my life, I feel a relax smile emerging in my heart. I feel restful for who I am, what I am and where I am at this moment. 

I am seeing that there are 2 elements that made me feel peaceful and relax. These 2 aspects of our life take almost 2/3 of entire daily life. 

1. SLEEP – No matter who you are, as long as you are in the human body you are going to retire to your bed every single day. There are some of us who enjoys it and some us who really try to avoid it until the last drop of energy left. Considering a normal sleep routine of minimum 7 hours, we spend almost 33% time in sleeping.

So doesn’t it make sense to start paying attention to our sleep? The quality of sleep will affect your whole day and life. We all have tendencies to pay attention to special activities but forget the ordinary simple acts like sleep.

So if you would like to bring transformation to your spiritual quest then start looking at how you sleep? Where you sleep? What you do or eat before sleep? Because all of this will affect your sleep and quality of sleep will affect your whole day. 

It’s a scientific fact that in sleep our aura (energy body) expand to 6 meters all around our physical body. Anything that comes in contact with this energy body will become part of you. To see what is kept in your bed? A cell phone, dirty tissue papers, a book, anything that is in your bed will become part of you. So clear your space before you go to bed.

Energy is transparent and they can travel between objects so if you are sharing a wall between you and your neighbor and your bed is just next to this wall then you might be sleeping with your neighbor’s energy field every day. No doubt if you wake up with strange emotions and feelings. So see if you can move your bed to another side of the room. 

Paying attention and energy to your sleep will immensely affect the way you relate to the whole world around you. 

2. WORKING LIFE – I truly feel that we all have come on this planet as postman or women to deliver a particular message. This message could only be delivered by you in your own unique way. If you don’t know what that message is and how to deliver it then whatever you are doing for your living or earning is not going to fulfill you. Whether you are successful or failing it doesn’t matter. This is not why you have been given this human body. Existence trusted in you that when it will fuel you with energy every day, you would become that messenger and spread your fragrance. 

So if you would like to bring transformation to your life than start listening to your soul calling. If its difficult for you to hear it then ask yourself “Why have you come on this planet?” what is that work that if you are asked to do, then you can jump out of bed every morning without looking for any holiday and after doing it you have more energy than when you started it? 

I teach almost the whole year. Every morning I have more passion to teach than ever before. I have more energy after whole day teaching than when I started. So these are a clear sign for me that my work that is aligned with my soul calling is teaching. 

So if you transform your sleep and your working life than you have a solid foundation for joyful spiritual life that is aligned with health and wholeness. From this space whatever you would manifest would be in service of all…