When Dance becomes medicine

“I love to dance!
Every cell of my body is devoted to the rhythm
each breath serves the movements
my heart beats to dive into ecstasy
dance is when I completely disappear into Iove!”

I have heard Osho speaking on the potential of dance as it aligns body, mind, soul and spirit
Most of of the time we are operating from our mind and then afterwards we struggle with tiredness, fatigue and disease because not only the body but also our soul has been out of alignment.

“Forget the dancer, the center of the Ego; become the Dance. That is the meditation.” 

Maybe your body has been screaming stop or don’t do this all the time and the soul was trying to convey this is not serving you….but we were too busy

Healing happens when body, mind and soul are in alignment and only then true holistic healing can occur.

So in dance you have this rare possibility that these trinity can happen a deep synchronicity.

In order for dance to be medicine we have to be able to unwind and start to move from the inside than rather from the outside.

I am currently spending down time with my beloved in Goa India to be precise in the Hippie Hub Arambol.
This place is blessing us with regular Ecstatic Dance Happenings almost daily you have the chance to immerse yourself into your inner dance under the guidance of fantastic intuitive DJs like Tikki Masala, Pascal de …. And Amman.
They are able to create the ambience for deeper inner immersions and healing to happen. Through the various forms of music, rhythm etc inner spaces can open and unwind.
From sadness to heights of ecstasy all is possible in the blink of an eye.

Our body is made out of 80% of water and water molecules respond to vibrations of sound.
So when you allow the music to vibrate your cells you become fluid liquefied inside. Disease is considered a stuckness of emotions emotions are water as you move and be moved you allow stuck and frozen emotions to flow and therefore heal yourself.

The guidelines for ecstatic dance are

·      Dancing barefoot not shoes on the dancefloor, this ensures that you have maximum contact with your feet feeling the ground

·      No speaking on the dance floor, not to use language and verbal communication is a device to get a chance to notice your mind and get deeper into feeling and sensing in the moment
non verbal communication is supported and wonderful to explore how to have a conversation without words getting into body talk

·      No drugs and alcohol are allowed, who needs drugs if you have high energy music and movement. The entire environment is supporting you to tap into your own inner pharmacy and get all you need from your hormones.

I want to express my deep gratitude for this amazing space that has been created by the DJs and the Ecstatic Dance crowd, which continues to show up and immerse itself day by day, moment by moment

And I know for sure we are ONE when I have been blessed with an ecstatic dance. My deepest yearning for Love and Belonging is fulfilled as I meet myself and through me all.