One question to ask when you Love

One of the most profound longings of us as a human being is to GIVE LOVE and RECEIVE LOVE. As we all have been conditioned around how, when what, from whom and too whom Love should be received and given, we keep our longing closed down in our heart. This is the only pain I know of the human being. All suffering is a byproduct of not being able to give and receive love fully. 

This is as if a tree is grown up and wants to flower and it’s not allowed. Can you imagine what would happen to this tree? This tree would tremble and would have to feel heavy all the time that it can not share its gift fully and openly without any conditions.

It’s not that Love is not in this world, it’s not that no one knows what Love is, it’s not even that people are too busy on social media and have no time to love. As I see it, through posts on social media, each one of us trying at least to like each other and to be liked. This is intended towards that same longing that I want to Love and I want to be loved.

the word “Love” has been so much used and misused that it has lost its depth. For example ” I love chicken” doesn’t mean that I love this bird, but I like it as my lunch. when we keep using the word Love to define our connection to our car, homes, and people then it slowly loses its meaning. 

One of the themes that I teach in Tantra Meditation Luxembourg is to understand how you receive and give love at the moment. When you really know your own unique way of giving and receiving love, you would be surprised to know that each of us has our own unique way of giving and receiving love and without knowing this, if you want to give and receive love with someone, confusion, pain and wounding may be just by-product of not understanding each others unique way of loving. 

So one question you must ask anyone you would like to give and receive love from is, how do you receive and give love? This might sound very odd in the busyness of our MInd but if you really take this first baby step, it would make sure that you are creating a solid foundation of understanding each others’ unique way of loving. Then you can remember whenever you can to match your expectations of love towards this being according to his/her way.

Just this very understanding opens a door to feel gratitude for being able to receive and give so much love each day. You may be that fish who is searching for ocean not knowing that she was surrounded by ocean.


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