Awaken the natural force of attraction

Are you longing to be more attractive for the opposite sex?

Would you like to be a magnetic force of attraction like a flower to the bee?

First of all, we need to understand why attraction has lost its effortlessness why has it become an issue?! Let’s look into the simple laws of attraction: from science, we do know that opposites-polarities attract each other like magnets- seen in the magnetic field of the earth with the north and the Southpole creating an energy field between them. We feel attracted to qualities complimentary and different to our own. 

It was a great cue of nature and evolution that the male and female have been created both boasting distinct qualities, carrying different features and thus remaining an eternal mystery to each other.

Do you remember the time in your life when the curiosity for the opposite gender awakened and from one day to the next life was never the same again? This curiosity actually never dies! Relating to a man or a woman can be a deep penetration into the mysteries of life into the mysteries of opposites. And that’s where the Tantra comes in as a way of living that plays with the polarity of life.

Why in modern days so many of us live without a partner or find it difficult to attract one or to stay with a partner?

There are several reasons for this and many are connected to our modern way of living. For me, the main reason is the depolarization of the genders. Yes, it is completely right that man and women have the same rights, earn the same salary there is no question about it. It is the uniformity man and women are treated the same way the same ways of learning of performing etc are applied to boys and girls and men and women. And on the other hand, we are experiencing that we are forced into strong roles as mother, father, daughter, lover, man, woman, boss etc.

So as a contrast to the uniformity we are receiving a strong tight role modelling with very little space for individuality. Tantra is pointing towards the essential nature of being woman and being man this is a universal quality, one step further we discover the oneness the being, which is beyond our sex. But embracing our essential nature as man or woman is a necessary step towards embracing our being nature.

What I am referring to, is that through the way our society is functioning we have very little time to recognise each other as man or woman. Flirting, the game of attraction and seduction are not instant happenings between grabbing a coffee to go and hurrying to catch the commuter train. First of all, we need to have time/space and energy to see each other recognise each other as beings and as a man or a woman. In the day to day life, we receive an overload of information of what it means to be a woman how to relate with the opposite sex through TV, advertisement, upbringing….this is all deeply ingrained into our subconscious. But very rarely or never we have a direct encounter and experience with the opposite sex without preconceptions in a supportive environment. Many men and women have lost contact with what it means to be a woman or a man. The obvious has been forgotten. We are disconnected from the treasures and intrinsic gifts of our gender and am fighting with forced pictures and ideas.

Only when we cherish our own nature and honour ourselves then we can become mesmerized by the different qualities the opposite sex has to offer.

Before many of us simply try to minimize friction by reducing diversity and polarity. Either we become like the opposite sex or we want the other to become like us. This is one of the main killers of relationship. Man and Woman are different, and that’s not only okay but needed for a healthy relationship. Man or woman alone is not complete in the great mystery of life, which is created through day and night, life and death, sun and moon etc. Be who you are as a woman or man and let the other be who they are, allow the friction, the differences, the being puzzled, this all is leading to attraction and finally leading to a wonderful explosion of energy!

If you stop changing the other a new world of possibilities opens up a new level of attraction and intimacy is possible suddenly the meeting between man and woman becomes a mystery a wonderful happening.

Are you ready for this experiment of Life, which is created between Man & Woman?!

  • Imagine you are feeling amazing in your body as a man or a woman

  • Envision you are loving yourself and you are confident in your behaviour and verbal and non-verbal communication with the opposite sex

  • Sense you have respect for the other sex and a deep awe and desire to enter the mystery of man & woman

  • be at ease with who you are

The Divine Masculine and Sacred Feminine Workshop will help you to

  • feel at ease with your own sex

  • fall in love with your body

  • find out from your own experience, what it means for you to be a man or woman

  • have an opportunity to strengthen your polarity

  • meet the opposite sex in a sacred and held space

  • get a chance to practice and enhance your skills in interaction and courtship

  • get answers to your most burning questions regarding your own and the opposite sex

Workshop with Swami Anahata and Ma Prem Tanmaya Their passion is to spread the joy and celebration of being alive through tantric teachings. It is an amazing opportunity to tap into the bliss, which is waiting for us every moment of our life. Both have been on the path of Tantra for several years and besides teachng in the team of Tantra Essence with Ma Ananda Sarita, they are develpijg their own body of work based on the expeience they have gained individually and as a couple. Both are offering Trainings for Singles and couples as well as trainings for men and women. 


Czech Republic 29th March-1st April more info