Addiction and creativity

Allowing your uniqueness to be the source of inspiration and flow in your life and free you from addictive behaviours

After spending so many years exploring and observing myself, I have discovered that there is a direct connection between addiction and boredom, between addiction and powerlessness to be creative and manifest what you are truly capable of. 

When you start to really pay attention, each time your hand goes to pick up a cigarette, fill your wine glass or click on a pornographic website, you will become aware of a consistent set of conditions: you have energy, you have time, but you are repeatedly uninspired to use that time and energy constructively, towards a higher purpose.  

So, perhaps the challenge is not how to tackle the addiction itself, as it could be no more than a by-product of being bored and non-creative. Perhaps the fastest way to eradicate any addiction is to start, slowly, slowly, reclaiming your creative authority and power, asking yourself what you would really like to do and manifesting exactly what your unique heart is calling for.  

It is as though you have been given some pebbles and stones and you are holding them very tightly to yourself. You don’t want to let them go because you feel how precious and important they are to you. And these pebbles and stones are the only things that you have right now. But the moment that somebody comes and starts offering you diamonds, the pebbles and stones will fall from your hand, without any effort on your part.  

So the straight and direct way to work on any addiction is to work on and transform your boredom into a magnetic and magnificent creative life force, one that is full of flow, joy and fluidity. 

It’s not easy these days, because we all seem to have similar desires and cravings, similar lifestyles. Our actions and thoughts are often cell phone and Facebook-driven, we watch videos, read the same news feeds, all featuring other peoples’ lives. Constantly surrounded by these influences, it is very hard for us to create space in which to really explore and understand our own uniqueness. And until we tap into our own uniqueness, we will always be like a photocopy of somebody else – someone who is playing catch-up. We can never ever be the best because there will always be somebody who has done it before us and better than us, and this creates a certain kind of demotivation to do anything. 

So, why strive and compete to be the best among others, when you can be unique? I guarantee that there will not be a single person out there just like you. It’s true! There is nobody on this earth like you. Without you, there would be something missing on this planet. The moment you truly understand that existence has given you such a precious uniqueness, then you can begin following the call of your heart and start listening to it, step by step. Then, this very heart that is full of creativity and wonder starts to guide your life and your life becomes full of flow and inspiration. When we allow ourselves to be led by our imagination and unique vision addictions that no longer serve us will fall away, all by themselves.  

Imagine a day when you wake up in the morning full of clarity, energy and vitality. You are moving around, interacting and making decisions based on what you know your essential being truly wants. Obstacles melt away and additions are reduced to ashes in the fire of your creative heart. Open your hand and watch the pebbles fall.