India my Love – This man has changed my view on baggers in India

Guy selling Indian drums of all sizes and shapes comes closer to a western tourist and ask “Madam, want to buy these drums”?

Reluctantly woman look at him with a pinch of anger but politely refuses the offering. Guy keep insisting. After few attempt to convince, she gets really angry and shouts “I told you I am not interested in it, now leave me alone”.

Guy helplessly turn towards the sea and start searching for motivation to move towards next customer.

I am sipping orange juice and having my favorite play of observe human interactions in the busy market place.

He is looking at me. I am responding with a smile in return. He starts talking to me “Namaste! Where are you from”?

“I am from India” I reply

“Where in India” I say “Rajasthan”

“I am very hungry. I haven’t had food since morning. Can you buy me something”?

I am taken by surprise. I notice fear and shame is surfacing. I was not ready for this request. I saw irritation and resistance in me.

I am taking my time and looking into his eyes. He is in deep surrender and I can feel his vulnerability just standing there in front of whole crowd and waiting for my answer.

“What would you like to eat”? I ask

His face lights up. He starts searching inside and says “It would be expensive for you here in this restaurant”?

My Mind says “He is trying to get money from me and he was lying that he is hungry”.

“Don’t worry, just let me know what you want to eat”. I reply. I invite him to pull a chair and offer him the menu.

He refuses to sit on the chair instead squatting on the floor looking at the menu and point out at Fish curry and Butter Naan.

I call the waiter and order his desired meal. He is now not looking at me rather trying to adjust his drums.

He is pretending to be busy while I am sensing him. “How do you make these drums”? I ask just to have connection with him.

“We buy wood and leather from the market and then at night after the work, we make these drums” He reply. He is relaxing and interested in talking to me on this subject.

One of his friend seeing him sitting inside the restaurant comes closer and starts talking to him in their own language. I am smiling at him too.

First guy informs me that he is hungry too. I am feeling being cheated. Suddenly I hear Osho’s voice “Trust. Even if you are being cheated. Even if someone taking advantage of you, its worth holding the trust rather saving some money”. I surrender.

Both are sitting on the chair next to me inside the restaurant. I am feeling safe and relax.

Food has arrived. The First guy is taking charge of serving. He looks confident and happy. We are having light conversation about their life, family and how they manage their survival. Butter naan is finished and the first guy without even asking me call the waiter and order butter naan.

I feel anger jumping its head inside of me. I say nothing.

Meal has finished now. The first guy turns towards me and ask “I would like to have some sweets to end my meal with”.

I turn inside and gather courage. “I am not feeling like offering you sweets. I was in a YES space towards you until you have started taking things in your hands. Now you are capable of taking care of yourself with this skill. You no longer need me. You can sell your drums with this and buy sweets for yourself”. He looks at me with guilt and ask for forgiveness. I say “many people would like to offer support to someone who needs it but if you start grabbing it without senseing me then I am in resistance towards saying yes”.


He asks for forgiveness again and I say goodbye to both of them. The second guy stays with me while the first one leaves. He says to me “You have given him a right lesson. I was trying to tell him many times while he is selling drums not to push things so hard but he never listens to me. Allah will give you blessing for this. Anyone can provide food to him but no one will teach him what you have done so I thank you”. He leaves me and my eyes are showing tears of wonder and gratitude.

After 10 minutes……I see first guy approaching me again. “Would you like to learn how to play drum”?

I am jumping out of joy and he starts teaching me how to play drum…..