What is Great Sex for Women?

In one of my workshop, we asked women to come together and discuss the ingredients of making a sex experience GREAT for women. They discussed for an hour and came up with a long list. We shared that with men and they all were thrilled and surprised.  

So here is this list that you can enjoy. Whether you are a man or woman this would light some part of your sexual experience.

  • When men takes time to connect and exchange verbal appreciation.
  • Eye contact throughout the love making is a must for women to have great sex.
  • When men is freely expresses his emotion and very playful.
  • When we stops in between and feel each other what’s really going for both of us.
  • When men also have capacity to receive from women.
  • No boundaries, losing myself into the pleasure.
  • When I surrender and feel free.
  • Exploring new parts of me, new sensations, new feelings each time when we move into a new wave of energy.
  • There is equal time to go wild and melting with each other.
  • Masculine presence but with sensitivity.
  • Caress face, hair and back of ears.
  • When he penetrate me he should be moving like a surfer on the tide of the ocean. Sensing the rise and fall of my energy and mood and adept to it.
  • Allow myself to be vulnerable and receive.
  • Prepare a week before through messages, roses etc….
  • Fucking vs lovemaking both rhythms are good.
  • Full presence and respectful of my feelings.
  • Very flexible and lot of patience.
  • He makes me feel beautiful like a goddess, say affirmations while making love.


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