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How To Get From Disconnection to Profound Love:

How it was at the beginning

We can all remember that feeling of uncontrollable passion and dizzy euphoria when we first fell in love. That primal instinct to touch and caress, that overwhelming surge of emotion and physical longing that eclipsed everything else. When the simple brush of a hand sent electric currents through our whole body and lovemaking was urgent, exciting, and explosive.

We felt so alive! We wanted to know everything there was to know about our lover, explore every inch of each other’s bodies and dissolve into a state of intimacy and bliss that was ours alone. We felt as though we were the only lovers on earth and that we would always feel this way.

But it doesn’t last – and this is normal for all couples

However, this blissful state eventually fades and practical life takes over. Sadly, this is a common thread in many couples’ stories. But it is completely normal.

As life become busier and our responsibilities increase, familiarity sets in, lovemaking becomes more routine and it is difficult to maintain a heightened state of passion, even when you deeply love your partner. High quality sex is often no longer the first priority and we gradually slip into a routine where sleep is prized above intimacy and practical efficiency is more important than deep, intimate connection.

Like all living things, a relationship, if starved of nourishment, will eventually die.

But we can do something about it!

But sexual chemistry and connection can be reignited. We just need to want it and make time to give it our full attention.

We need space to rediscover and nurture those things that we have forgotten.

Come and join Swami Anahata who is sharing insight, experience, and tantric tools for lovers to reignite sensuality and connection…

More info can be found here: https://swamianahata.tilda.ws/dissolveintolove

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