What is Good and Bad Sex for Men?

During Divine Masculine and Sacred Feminine workshop when men and women are separate, we ask men what is great sex for them and what they consider as bed sex.

Here is the cover story from inside the group room. 


  • When she loose control and doesn’t care if anybody is hearing

  • When we both reach to orgasm together

  • When woman surrender – When she gives permission to take control and allow me to play with her body.

  • When women are connected and guide me how she wants to be touched and having multiple orgasm through this

  • When women are taking part equally and asking for what she wants and using her voice and discover my body as well

  • After sex when I see her face is glowing and she is silently saying thank you to me

  • When I am not seeking to use her to release and When I have freed myself from performance

  • When woman is on top and dancing all over me in ecstasy and I can relaxly watch it.

  • When we both loose sense of time

  • When we have sex immediately after we met first time

  • When I meet a nymphomaniac and almost immediately she wants to have sex

  • When I play bad boy and I do what I shouldn’t do

  • When I really like her and we have connection.

  • When my energy is rising and I feel expansion in my heart and eventually an implosion in my Mind.


When I have no erection
When woman is giving so many instructions. kiss me, move here, do this, stronger, faster, slower, softer, harder, Don’t come please
When women are playing dead and no response
When they want it and they pretend they don’t want it
When she is too drunk
When She is not comfortable with her body
When both of us are in the head and pretending that we are enjoying and both knows that we are pretending
When woman is on top and then she is moving frictionless and in a way that doesn’t stimulate me at all
When I am not open towards that women
When she is not playing with my body
Having sex with same women too often
She is too wild and active. I feel like asking “do you want to eat me”