Vigyan Bhairav Tantra

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What is Vigyan Bhairav Tantra?

Sacred tantric Sanskrit scripture dated more than 5000 years, it was written in the form of a poetic dialogue between Shiva and his consort, Shakti.

Shakti, the goddess, asked Shiva to reveal the way to live a conscious and loving life. In response, Shiva described 112 ways to enter into the universal and transcendental state of consciousness. Originally taught through an oral transmission from masters to disciples, it was later written in Sanskrit.

Authentic transmission of Tantra

Today, Swami Anahata will be taking you into this mystical world of Tantra. Through step by step guided videos you will learn tantric meditation in your own pace and time without having to travel to expensive workshops or seeking a master. It is presented in a modern context suitable to be practice by anyone who is interested in learning Tantra.

This online course has a vision to provide authentic transmission of Tantra so that you can have a solid foundation of Tantra from your own embodied experiences.

Tantra can be experienced by anyone who is ready to learn tools and techniques to unite love and meditation. When love meets meditation, one will have a tantric experience.

Swami Anahata

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Your Path To Inner Transformation Start Now!

Whats’s Included

This online course is the first part of four parts where all 112 meditation methods are covered.

The first part consists of 25 sutras and includes:

  • Reading of sutras in Sanskrit so you can hear the oral transmission in the original language

  • Reading of sutras in English so you can understand the meaning of each sutra

  • Explanation of what Shiva is saying and how to practice this meditation

  • Meditation videos for singles

  • Meditation videos for couples

Take a look what is inside

Meditation for Singles
Meditation for Couples

Is this course for you?

Vigyan Bhairav Tantra is for each and every human being — whether single or in a relationship… men or women…it doesn’t matter if you are new to tantra or experienced… all will benefit from it.


A step towards fulfillment

This course is for YOU if you’re ready to open your Mind and Heart to the true teaching on the path of self-fulfillment.


Feeling a call for a tantric journey

This course is for you if you feel a call to start your tantric journey by learning from the authentic source.


Want to study from authentic source

This course is definitely for you if You are looking for an authentic source, teacher, or a book to learn Tantra and can’t find it.


Searching for the balance

And finally — it’s for you if you want mastery over emotions, energy, desires, and meditation.


Your Path To Inner Transformation Start Now!

What you get after payment:

  • HD quality video

  • Each content has 2 options: video and audio podcasts

  • User friendly educational platform

  • You can pass the course at your own pace

  • Immediate access, you can start your pass right after payment

  • We add you to the private group in Facebook and whatsapp within 24 hours after payment

  • Access to Facebook and WhatsApp private groups




Heart to Heart

  • 140 videos

  • More than 12 hours of content

  • 25 meditation techniques for Singles

  • 8 meditation techniques for Couples

  • Four live webinars with Anahata

  • Lifetime access

Benefits for Singles

  • Learn Tantra without having to look for a partner to start your journey.

  • By doing these meditations, create your auric field to attract the right frequency tantric partner.

  • Learn to move your sexual energy on your own to transform it into pure joy.tions, create your auric field to attract the right frequency tantric partner.

  • Bolster dedication to your spiritual practices

Benefits for Couples

  • Start walking the spiritual path together.

  • Spend quality time together to nourish intimacy and love.

  • Increase your flow of sexual attraction.

  • Learn to be with your emotions in a conscious way.

  • Discover non-genital sexual connection and orgasm.

  • Bolster dedication to your spiritual practices.

What are the meditations?

  • Feeling the prana and nadis (meridians)

  • Kundalini awakening through ida, pingala and shushumna

  • Chakra cleansing and purification through sound, breath, and movement

  • Awakening of the 7th energy body (bliss body)

  • Mastery over emotion

  • Learning love and awareness

  • Techniques for mind centering and witnessing

  • Understanding and transcending desires

  • Turning sex into a spiritual path

  • How to move sexual energy in the whole body

  • How to have sex and energetic orgasm without penetration

  • Having control over dreams and past life

  • Understanding death and moving beyond

Seven reasons why this course will change your life

1. 100% practice-based (no jargon or philosophy)

2. You can use practices from the course in your daily life, no need to extract special hours in your schedule

3. Delivered by a top Tantra teacher

4. You’ll get the balance between dedication energy to yourself and your environment

5. Created with 20 years of experience, research and experiments

6. Perfect meditation ambience with high-definition (HD) video and beautiful nature

7. Live guidance through webinars, private coaching and community support

Swami Anahata

Swami Anahata is a gifted, intuitive, passionate teacher of Tantra. He designs and delivers programs that guide people towards discovering and living their fullest potential. He has dedicated the past 20 years to his own growth and self-discovery through Tantra and other holistic practices.

  • A 20 years journey of teaching, researching and experiencing masculinity, sexuality, intimacy and in relationships.

  • Founder of Awakened Masculinity Training for men

  • Holistic body worker

  • Tibetan acupressure professional

  • Color light therapist (color puncture)

  • Osho therapy: «mystic rose», «no mind» and «born again»