The Feminine & The Masculine – A dance of Polarities

The Masculine & The Feminine A Dance of Polarities

Polarity is the magnetism, the “spark”, the attraction that happens between a man and a woman. In our modern society, our lifestyle depolarizes this attraction and defuses one of the greatest potentials for spiritual transformation.

Imagine having the tools and techniques to make your relationship your home – a safe environment where you can rest and relax, be nourished and nurtured. A place where you feel understood and fully open to your partner. A place where you have no inhibitions, only boundless freedom. From such a place, you can navigate any obstacles with love and awareness.

It is a true liberation when we can fall back into who we are understanding the masculine and feminine principles within ourselves with all its benefits and challenges can allow you a sigh of relief.

We want to empower you with valuable information that can support you to gain a deeper understanding of the energies within yourself and how they play out in your life, in creativity and especially while relating with the opposite gender.

Join Anahata on this course to understand this challenging and yet so essential subject “Polarities between masculine and Feminine”.