Sexual Mastery for Men

Awaken Your Masculinity & Get the Tools to Celebrate Your Manhood

Price – €45

Swami Anahata is a gifted, intuitive, passionate Master of Tantra. His gift lies in his intuitive passion for his work, and his students.

Anahata designs and delivers training programs that open the path for people who wish to discover and live up to their fullest Tantric potential. He has dedicated the past 20 years of his life to his own growth and self-discovery through Tantra and other holistic practices. 

This program consists of 8 training videos recorded during Zoom live workshops held by Swami Anahata. They are full of Tantric wisdom and hands-on practices that you can take back home and follow at your own pace.

In this training you will

  • Master your instinctual sexual nature.

  • Understand the fundamental principal of masculinity.

  • Learn tools to move your Sexual energy to the whole body.

  • Gain trust in shifting your energy between the masculine and feminine.

  • Understand the best way to deal with emotions in daily life.

  • Master your primordial masculine energy.

  • Be able to resolve intimacy conflicts with any person in the most efficient way.

  • Give safety, trust and relaxation to your lover in bed.

  • Discover tools that make every love making journey a meeting of the Body, Heart and Soul.

  • Open up the esoteric mysteries of life.

Price – €45

What is inside this course?

Module 1 - Wild Man in the Bedroom

Lesson 1: Sexual Tantric practices. 

Lesson 2: Mastering your emotions.

Lesson 3: Cultivating your sexual presence.

Lesson 4: Key differences between

the male and female brain.

Module 2 - Intimacy and Relationships

Lesson 5: Coming out of the low sex appetite. Advanced communication tools to resolve conflicts within the realm of intimacy.

Lesson 6: Meditation is your way to connect with yourself and others.

Lesson 7: Becoming a master creator of your life and relationship.

Lesson 8: Awakening the Kundalini.

Price - €45

This Online Course Will Help You To

Become a Better Husband

Awaken romance and sex in your relationship and deepen your intimacy


Become a Better Father

Become a better role model for your kids and offer them a more conscious upbringing.

Successfully Nurture Healthier Relationships

Switch on your natural masculine confidence and discover the keys to ground your wild erotic nature. Build a successful partnership on a foundation of deep trust.


Awaken Your ‘City Wild Man’ Energy in Daily Life

Become a more mature, awakened and grounded ‘Man in the City’, capable of taking on life more responsibly by equipping yourself with the necessary time and health resources for a happier life.

Price - €45

Why This Online Course:


This is a holistic course developed to empower you as a man. Its intention is not only to give you sexual mastery, but also a foundation into the heart of spirituality.

Exclusive program

This online program is based on Swami Anahata’s 20 years of personal experience. It contains deep insights, uniting Eastern mysticism and Western therapy science.

Most profound course on masculine tantra

It’s designed for men by man. It has all the necessary information you need for a happy relationship and life. Starting from the basics we shall go up for your understanding of your life purpose and unique potential.


Transforming course

It is not only about the sex education.

It is about transforming your whole life: your intimate relationship, your career, your relationship with peers and family.

Who is Swami Anahata?

International teacher, Author and public speaker in the field of spirituality and sexuality

A 20 years journey of teaching, researching and experiencing masculinity, sexuality, and intimacy in relationships.

Founder of The Awakened Masculinity Training for Men.

8 years of Tantric practices done with his lover, as a couple, to deepen his own Tantric experiences.

Tantric body worker.

Tibetan acupressure professional.

Lived in many international communities to experience human behavior and communication.