Anahata's Private Coaching

Welcome to the realm of Anahata’s Private Coaching, where the transformative power of Tantra awaits you. Whether you choose to meet me in person or connect with me over Skype, this sacred space is devoted to guiding you on a profound journey of self-discovery and spiritual growth within the realms of Tantra, Love & Intimacy. 

For Singles: The Seekers of Wholeness

In this guided private session, I invite those who are ready to embrace a new way of living, taking full responsibility for their healing & transformation. 

Within the sacred space of absolute confidentiality, we delve into the depths of your being to explore questions surrounding sexuality, love, relationships and spirituality. 

Uncover the answers that reside within you and unlock the path to a life of wholeness and change.

For Couples: The Sacred Dance of Love

I believe that the union between man and woman is a divine dance of rebirth. It is a sacred journey where two souls give birth to one another, embracing both the challenges and the joys along the way. If your relationship or marriage finds itself in a moment of crisis, yearns to reignite the flame of passion or simply seeks to ascend to new heights of pleasure and inspiration, this coaching experience is tailored for you.

Within a joyful and nurturing environment, I will guide you on a tantric exploration of your relational dynamics. Discover the ancient tools and techniques that Tantra offers, empowering you to resolve conflicts, revitalize your sexual connection and cultivate profound intimacy. Together, you will embark on a sacred journey of continuous growth, discovering the depths of love again and again.


For Men: The Awakening Masculine

In the company of other conscious men, you have the opportunity to shed the limitations that hold you back and reclaim your true masculine essence. Feel the power, sensitivity, and authenticity pulsating through your being as you embrace the full spectrum of your sexual energy. This session is a sacred space for men to support one another, to share their vulnerabilities, and to embrace their authentic selves without judgment or masks.

I will guide you on a path of self-discovery, helping you tap into your untapped potential and embody the qualities of a sexually empowered, confident and heart-centered man. Release the burden of unexpressed emotions, thoughts, shame & guilt and step into a new realm of profound connection, both with yourself and with others. 

Anahata’s Private Coaching offers a tantric approach to life, love and relationships. Through personalized guidance, sacred practices & deep transformational work, you will unlock the divine potential within you. Embrace the sacredness of Tantra and embark on a journey of self-realization, heightened pleasure and profound love. Open yourself to the blissful possibilities that await as you merge Tantra with every aspect of your being.


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