The unspoken part of it

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"Sex is the only energy you have got. The energy can be transformed — it can become a higher energy. The higher it moves, the less and less sexuality remains in it. And there is an end peak where it becomes simply love and compassion. The ultimate flowering we can call divine energy, but the base, the seat, remains SEX. So sex is the first, bottom layer of energy — and God is the top layer."


Come and join Swami Anahata who is ready to take you on a journey to discovering the real power hidden behind your orgasms - a chance you do not want to miss.

If you were a lucky one, you most probably have had adults around you telling you about pregnancy, STDs, and safe sex practices. While all of this is super important, there’s a pretty good chance that nobody ever once mentioned the word “orgasm” in your entire life. Does it sound familiar?

Orgasm is one of the most powerful experiences a human being can have. However there is almost no sex education given around it even in the most advance countries. Usually you hear about it’s biology, but not about pleasure and its incredible healing powers. Why? Lets discover it togheter.
During this 1.5 hours workshop, you will get to know the biology, psychology and spirituality of orgasm.

Price €15

What you will discover during this workshop:

The difference between the Male & Female Orgasms

  • What types of orgasms exist

  • Why is it so challenging for many of us to reach orgasm these days?

  • How God intended orgasm to look like?

  • Why parents, teachers, priests are not talking about it?

  • Hands on techniques to enhance your sexual pleasure and orgasm

Price – €15

This workshop is for you if want to:

  • Take your sex life to the next level

  • Understand how your body works sexually

  • Understand how your partner’s body works sexually

  • Tap into the psychology and spirituality of an orgasm

  • Understand the sexual energy and how to harness and much more.

Swami Anahata

Swami Anahata is a gifted, intuitive and passionate Tantra and meditation teacher. He creates sacred and safe spaces for anybody who wants to live their life to the fullest potential. He has dedicated the past 20 years to supporting the growth and self-discovery of himself and those around him through Tantra and other holistic practices.

  • A 20 year journey of teaching, researching and experiencing masculinity, sexuality, intimacy and in relationships.
  • Founder of Awakened Masculinity Training for men

  • Holistic body worker

  • Tibetan acupressure professional

  • Color light therapist (color puncture)

  • Osho therapy: «mystic rose», «no mind» and «born again