Let’s Talk About Men

Recorded Online Course – for Women Only

Price – €20

Anahata is very excited to be sharing with you 3 hours of knowledge and experience dedicated especially to women who want to take their relationships to the next level. Discover below the details of this recorded online workshop and how to get immediate access to it.

Price €20

Online Workshop Recorded On Zoom - for Women Only 3 Hours Of Knowledge That Will Transform Your Relationship

Why is it that men are really great in the beginning? They bring flowers, give attention and sex is amazing but, after a few months they move their energy and attention towards social media, watching sports, drinking beer and sex is last in his list?

During this online workshop I will be sharing information, tools, experience that can help you understand men so that you have a choice to make a change in your relationship with men.

Price – €20

Some of the topics:

  • Key differences between male and female.

  • Why men are the way they are?

  • How to communicate to men so they listen, open up and support you?

  • How to empower or guide a man without becoming his mom?

  • How to bring him back to Intimacy and sexual fire?

What Are Women Saying About This Course

It was great

It was great, I longed to know men and their energies and needs. I am happy that Anahata followed his idea of communicating about men with women. His sharing has opened me up many insights into my transformation of my partnership … in me … and into the future with a man. And the way of practicing through these changes that life has offered us has opened up to me through Anahata… and I look forward to it.

Guide to changing one’s live attitude

Very strong

Meeting Anahata was very strong for me and it helped me to clarify certain things about male-female functioning. I was completely moved by his sharing several times and I think that in the end we were all crying.

It was a real experience for me to hear a man who is in his strength and at the same time shares with such humility and an open heart.

Coach and mentor, FEN-kineziologist

Deeply touching and transforming

I found the seminar with Anahata deeply touching and transforming. The next day when Skyping with my partner I could say with tears: “I am sorry” addressed to all my partners that I have been insensitive to and creating pain. I am very grateful for his precious sharing on behalf of men, and helping us women to see, understand and honour men: both in their power and vulnerability.


I recommend it with all my heart.

Anahata’s workshop has helped me to completely transform my relationships to all men in my life, not only my romantic partner.

It’s like all of the sudden I started to really see them and to really be seen. my way of communicating with them improved and my needs started to be fulfilled easier. I recommend it with all my heart.

United Kingdom

Price – €20

Swami Anahata

Swami Anahata is a gifted, intuitive and passionate Tantra and meditation teacher. He creates sacred and safe spaces for anybody who wants to live their life to the fullest potential. He has dedicated the past 20 years to supporting the growth and self-discovery of himself and those around him through Tantra and other holistic practices.

  • A 20 year journey of teaching, researching and experiencing masculinity, sexuality, intimacy and in relationships.
  • Founder of Awakened Masculinity Training for men

  • Holistic body worker

  • Tibetan acupressure professional

  • Color light therapist (color puncture)

  • Osho therapy: «mystic rose», «no mind» and «born again