Creativity to thrive vs. to destroy-Mankind on the crossroad

Being creative is an inevitable part of being human. Through the creative spark both genius and evil have been created.

Men is constantly standing at the crossroad to create or to destroy the powerful rive to action urges him to push forward to explore new territory. This urge has fuelled human evolution and led humanity to thrive. But what is left there to conquer outside? Masses of people queuing for the top of the world on the MT Everest. Every nuke and corner of our planet has been traveled to.

Men’s creativity has to take a quantum leap and its not a new thing that now Men are beginning to explore and conquer the inner territory. Meditation and mindfulness are an attempt to explore the unspeakable the intangible. There is an entire universe inside waiting to be traveled and inhabited by each of us.
This is the time when men and humanity can decide how to use their creativity to reverse any old decisions that are leading us up to mass destruction and finally maybe extinction.

It’s easy to create anew it’s not so easy to work with a difficult given situation and find new original solutions, which are aligned with a higher vision and wisdom about the whole. For this to acquire men needs to understand the functioning of the outer world.

How can one know the entire outer world and with all its complex connections and correlations?

In Tantra it is known that the microcosm mirrors the macrocosm, thereby by knowing thyself you know the whole.

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