Do you love to play?!

You might have heard that it takes about 20-40 minutes to warm up a womans body so she is in full arousal and ready to have intercourse full of pleasure and open for orgasms.
How to spend this time might be a question for many men as well as women.

First of all it is important to note that the Foreplay is mirroring our societies attitude towards it as Fore means as if it is only a preface not really necessary or not the REAL thing. As Ananda Sarita points out we should include it as an essential part of love making better calling it erotic love play or similar.

On the Master Lover Retreat we will give inspirations, tips, techniques and valuable information around a woman’s sexuality.

Here are already some pointers

SLOW DOWN! In whatever you do as a woman gets aroused her perception of time changes, by slowing down you help her to unwind and get more relaxed.
Vice versa to our common understanding orgasm and arousal can be born out of deep relaxation. For a woman to get ready for arousal she has to first relax and feel safe. The reason for this is that parts of her brain responsible for protection/and the fight or flight instincts are shutting down during love making.
This enables her to experience profound depths of orgasm and let go.

So every minute you invest in relaxing her is a preparation for a more fulfilling sexual experience.

Women need to feel connected with their partner not only physically but also through the heart. Eye Gazing, sharing, speaking from the heart or having a slow dance is very sexy and essential to her build up of arousal. All this is helping the woman to melt and surrender, her nervous system is tuning in with you and you both will feel more flowing during the entire lovemaking as your bodies start communicating on deeper levels.

Be creative and playful communicate with her or with yourself when you are using self-pleasuring dare to be courageous and allow yourself to smile and laugh if something doesn’t work out. Breaking our habits and taking things lightly breaks our Ego, which wants to control every situation. This will also allow you to be more in the moment and present.

If you are starting to get interested in deepening your experience and live in a new wonderful way of enjoying the erotic love play, join us